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Sitting at a table, sipping coffee humming a song of the past, the light illuminates his face wrinkled and green hat. The tavern "Al Tagliere di Nese”, opened in the historic village in Via Marconi 69, it has unique charm with wood interiors and the old style inn."Al Tagliere di Nese" is not just a restaurant, it is a project that fuse generations and promotes the cooperation between local associations and residents. The inn is located in a renovated tenement which includes, internal courtyard, under a centennial wisteria, is the space for leisure and passions of the past. Stone tables designed with the chessboard and a pavement field for the game of bowls, one of the few survivors in the province. Some people start playing, who remains at the counter drinking coffee. While some people think the next bowling tournament and who decides to return home, while preparing the tables for the evening. The gaze is directed upward, the wisteria in bloom, the cool nights to come, the next card game that you should not miss and live concert to enjoy, tasting good food and sipping a bottle of wine.

                                                                                                                     Al Tagliere di Nese

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